These are a few of the apps that I work on. Learn more on

  • Denied saves your ears from Nickelback

    Denied logo

    Denied for Mac sees what you're playing in Spotify and iTunes and automatically skips songs that you dislike.


  • The smoothest way to log hours in Toggl

    Toggluv logo

    Toggluv is built for speed. Log your hours to Toggl and get on with your work.


  • Porthole plays all audio to multiple AirPlay speaker

    Porthole logo

    With Porthole you can play all audio from your Mac through multiple AirPlay speakers at the same time.


  • The fastest way to ingest media

    Hedge for Mac logo

    Hedge for Mac is the fastest way for video and photo professionals to securely backup their footage.

    I was a founder of the company and co-created the Mac app. Later I implemented the Hedge Connect iOS companion app.